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The Word 2022 is Coming

The Word 2022 is available in 26 Bible editions, more are being prepared.

HSteeb | 2021-09-29

The Word on Websites from Norway and Denmark

Links to websites that show The Word.

HSteeb | 2021-09-04

YouTube: Enter Cross-reference for "The Word"

The video explains how you can suggest the Bible references Psalm 30,6 and James 4,15 as cross-references.

HSteeb | 2021-07-27

YouTube: Bibelverse "Das Wort" vorbereiten mit ParolEdit (German language)

A new YouTube video explains in German language how to use the "ParolEdit" page on our website, for editing the daily Bible verses.

HSteeb | 2021-07-26

Falam Chin Bible online

You can read the Falam Chin Bible on our website. The verses of The Word have hyperlinks to the Bible text.

HSteeb | 2021-03-17

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