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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a good start with God in the new year!

The Word 2017 is available in 20 Bible editions (as of 2016-12-24).

The following Bible editions are still missing. Please [contact us](/page/contact/" title="contact) if you can assist in formatting the verses!

  • Almeida Revista E Atualizada (Portuguese)
  • An Biobla Naofa 1981 (Irish)
  • Bibelen (Danish)
  • Cornilescu 2014 (Romanian)
  • Farsi Contemporary Version
  • Kiswahili Contemporary Version 2006
  • Modern Hebrew 2004
  • Urdu Geo Version
  • Zimbrisch (Cimbrian)

HSteeb | 2016-12-24