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New Website Layout – Mobile Ready

The Bible 2.0 website now comes in a new layout, ready for mobile devices and with an integrated news system.

HSteeb | 2013-12-21

The Word 2014 for Portuguese, Turkish and Hebrew

The Word 2014 has been prepared by Juraci and Peter from Switzerland for Portuguese, Turkish and Hebrew: Portuguese from the “Almeida Revista E Atualizada” by the Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil: Consolai os desanimados, amparai os fracos. 1 Tessalonicenses 5,14 Turkish from the “Kutsal Kitap 2001” by Kitabi Mukaddes Sirketi and Translation Trust: Boş gezenleri uyarın,... (mehr...)

HSteeb | 2013-12-23

Booklets in Two Languages Available for January 2014

Would you like to improve your knowledge of a foreign language? Or do you know a person from abroad who would be pleased to read God’s word in their language, combined with English? Consider our booklets with The Word in two languages! They are now available for January 2014 for download and printing. For English,... (mehr...)

HSteeb | 2013-12-24

The Word 2014 for Uzbek

Peter from Switzerland prepared The Word 2014 for Uzbek (Cyrillic), using the Bible text from the Muqaddas Kitob Tarjima qilish Instituti. By automatic conversion, we also provide The Word 2014 for Uzbek in Latin script. Ey birodarlar, sizlardan o‘tinib so‘raymiz: beboshlarni ogohlantiring, jur’atsizlarga dalda bering, zaiflarga yordam ko‘rsating, hammaga sabr–toqatli bo‘ling. 1 Salonikaliklar 5:14

HSteeb | 2013-12-30