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News from Bible 2.0 now available as news feed

The start page shows latest news about the Bible 2.0 project. Now you can also read the news in your favorite feed reader, available via the feed icon in the start page footer, or just click here.

A feed is like a newsticker. You can read it in specialized applications. Personally, I read feeds in Firefox using the Sage add-on.

The feed is in atom syndication format. The news items on the start page can be translated by the team members; the feed entries are available in the same languages.

[Update 2014-04-22]:Would you use an additional feed that includes the daily verses of The Word? now you can include The Word in the news feed, see the new News Feed page.

If you have any feedback, please contact me.


HSteeb | 2014-03-08 | updated 2014-04-22