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Bibel 2.0 İncil'in gizemi ayetlerinde açılır Bibel 2.0



Harmattan OS (Nokia N9/N950)

Please find the program on the page of George Ruinelli.


The Word for WebOS

The app shows The Word (as an application or in presentation mode). You do not need an internet connection each day to show the daily verses, only once a year for download of the whole yearly packet.


The Word for iOS (iPhone)

With the app iLosungen you can now read The Word on the iPhone.

iLosungen AppStore


The Word Android App

The Word is available as an Android app.

Visit the App Store...



For Windows: Logoskop - Offline Viewer For The Word

Logoskop daily shows The Word under Windows, multiple Bible editions, with optional integrated download of more Bible editions or texts for other years.



The Word Screensaver Windows

Shows The Word as screen saver under Windows

The Word as a Screensaver - in three steps:

install TheWordOrganizer (0,4 MB)

install the Screen saver (0,1 MB) activate the screen saver in Windows



BibelPix - Günün Ayeti arka plan resmi olarak

(LINUX, WINDOWS) BibelPix, Günün Ayetini: çok dillerde, Login ve Masaüstü için arka plan resmi, E-Mail imzası, Terminalde, rastgele resim seçimi, rastgele dil seçimi, Windows ve Linux.



Web sitenizde Günün Ayeti

Sitenize aşağıdaki HTML kodunu katınız: <iframe...>


Online HTML Fragments

You would like to display The Word in your website at an arbitrary position?


HTML Package "English Standard Version" for Homepage or Mobile Phone

The Word in HTML using the English Standard Version, for your homepage or offline use on your mobile phone. This archive contains one HTML file per day. A central CSS file is included, simply adapt it to customize the layout of all texts.

Download for 2024


The Word Widget for WordPress

A WordPress plugin that shows "The Word" in a widget: two selected Bible verses for each day, available in over 10 languages. The plugin lets you select the Bible edition in the WordPress dashboard, gets the verses for the selected Bible edition and the current day remotely from bible2.net and shows them in a WordPress widget area.




eBook for The Word

The Word as an eBook, for Kindle and other devices. Each book contains The Word for one year and one Bible edition.



For Software Developers: The Word XML file description

Description of the ”.twd” 1.1 XML file format used for “The Word”, includes document type definition in .dtd and .html format, a RelaxNG (.rnc) schema and a .html description of elements.



For Software Developers: Online retrieval of The Word (.twd 1.1) files

You may retrieve a list of available .twd files. Each item includes a link (URL) to download an individual .twd file. The list is available as HTML, Atom, CSV and JSON.


Bible Editions Available (.twd Files)

List of Bible editions in which The Word is available, for the current year and (starting in October) for the year to come.