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The Word 2015: Chinese (Simplified), French, Kiswahili, Polish, Turkish

The Word 2015 is available in 5 more Bible editions:

  • [Chinese Union Version Simplified](/service/today/full/ChineseUnionVersionSimplified?date=2015-01-01)
  • French: [Segond 21](/service/today/full/Segond21?date=2015-01-01)
  • [Kiswahili Contemporary Version 2006](/service/today/full/KiswahiliContemporaryVersion2006?date=2015-01-01) (please help us to improve the formatting!)
  • Polish: [Biblia TysiÄ…clecia](/service/today/full/BibliaTysiaclecia?date=2015-01-01) (new!)
  • Turkish: [Kutsal Kitap 2001](/service/today/full/KutsalKitap2001?date=2015-01-01)
  • Some more are currently being prepared. In applications that support online update of The Word, you can already fetch the texts for 2015. For complete installer packages, see the [Download Pages](/page/downloadoverview/).

HSteeb | 2014-12-20 | updated 2014-12-23