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New: Vietnamese "Kinh Thánh Tiếng Việt (1934)"

The Word 2022 is available in Vietnamese.

HSteeb | 2022-01-06

YouTube: Prepare Bible Verses "The Word" Using ParolEdit

"The Word" by features two complementary Bible verses for each day of the year, in many languages and Bible editions.

The video explains the web page "ParolEdit" used by team members to prepare the Bible verses.

HSteeb | 2022-01-08

New: Urdu Revised Version

The Word 2022 is available in the Urdu Revised Version.

HSteeb | 2022-05-04

Start Page and The Word Page Reworked

The pages now show The Word with some verses from the Bible context.

HSteeb | 2022-11-26