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The Word Screensaver Windows | Bible 2.0 Scripture explains itself The Word Screensaver Windows | Bible 2.0

The Word Screensaver Windows

Shows The Word as screen saver under Windows

The Word as a Screensaver - in three steps:

  1. install TheWordOrganizer (0,4 MB)
  2. install the Screen saver (0,1 MB)
  3. activate the screen saver in Windows (on the desktop: right mouse - "Settings", "Screen saver", select "The Word (" in the list)

In case you've already installed Logoskop (at least version 2.0 2009), you do not need TheWordOrganizer - you can download the texts in Logoskop, too.

TheWordOrganizer contains The Word for German and English; you may download texts in other Bible editions or in years to come comfortably in TheWordOrganizer.

Installation: If installation e.g. into C:\Program Files results in trouble with Windows permissions, please try to install into a different folder. At the start of the installation, the installer asks you for the language of the installer dialogs only - this has no effect on the set of Bible editions that will be installed!

Deinstallation: if you de-install the screen saver, the texts downloaded into the "AppData" Windows folder will not be deleted, since they may be used by multiple applications.

Version: TheWordOrganizer 2.0.0 2011-01-18, Screensaver 1.1.0 2008-11-29

System: Windows 10

Author: Helmut Steeb (hs2013 at bible2 . net)

For software developers:

2013-12-17 • HSteeb