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Improved Icons of The Word Retrieved Online

Effective today, our online service that provides The Word returns a larger start page icon, and the copyright character (Unicode U+00A9) instead of a copyright icon.

HSteeb | 2023-03-04

The Word Online Service Links to Language Specific Pages

The online service of outputs The Word as HTML text, among other formats. This output contains a link to the start page of

Now the link targets the start page in the language of the Bible edition used, not the English start page.

HSteeb | 2023-06-24

"The Word" Page fine on Mobile

Read The Word on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

HSteeb | 2023-08-30

The Word 2024 is available

The Word 2024 is available in 30 Bible editions.

HSteeb | 2023-08-30

"The Word" Page: Select Bible Shown on Top

The page "The Word" shows one selected Bible edition on top. Initially, this is a Bible edition in the language you're visiting. All other Bible editions are only shown when you click the button "Other Bible Editions". Now you can select another Bible edition shown on top.

HSteeb | 2023-09-06

Bible Text Updated: Neue Evangelistische √úbersetzung 2023-07

The Bible text of the German Neue Evangelistische √úbersetzung is now on revision 2023-07.

HSteeb | 2023-09-20