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BiblePix - The Word on a background image | Bible 2.0 Scripture explains itself BiblePix - The Word on a background image | Bible 2.0

BiblePix - The Word on a background image

What is BiblePix?

BiblePix is a Tcl program developed for the Bible 2.0 project, which aims to publish The Word in a growing number of languages. The Word consists of two selected Bible verses for each day of the year.

BiblePix can display The Word in many ways on your personal computer:

  • random switching between Bible versions and languages
  • random background picture (slide show)
  • use personal photo collection
  • add an impetus to your e-mail signatures
  • display in the Linux terminal

Operating systems: Linux, Windows

System requirements: Tcl/Tk library

  • Windows: included in below package
  • Linux: required additional components: tcllib, tls, tDom, tkimg



Please ignore any pop-up warnings, since BiblePix is absolutely safe for your computer!

Possible scenarios:

  • Browser blocks download: Move mouse on file > right-hand menu (...) > Further actions: 'Keep?' - YES! > 'Keep anyway?' - YES!
  • Red warning window when opening: 'Execute anyway?' - YES!

Download and double-click Windows Installer

Alternatively, if above fails, follow these two steps:

  1. Download and install Tcl/Tk (64 bit) || Tcl/Tk (32 bit)
    • More recent computers have a 64 bit architecture. If yours is older you may need to download the 32 bit version
    • Windows10 needs a reboot after installing Tcl/Tk so it can register properly. After that proceed to the second step.
  2. Download and run BiblePix Installer
    • After reboot right-click on the downloaded BiblePix Installer and for "Execute with..." choose "Wish" or "Tcl Application".


  1. Install missing Tcl components
    • If any of the afore-mentioned Tcl additional packages are missing on your computer you must install them through your system's software management OR by entering one of the following short commands in a terminal (depending on system):
        sudo apt-get install tcllib tcl-tls tdom libtk-img (Debian/Ubuntu)
        sudo emerge -u tcllib dev-tcltk/tls tdom tkimg (Gentoo)
        sudo yum install tcllib tcltls tdom tkimg (Fedora)
        sudo yast -i tcllib tcl-tls tkimg tdom (OpenSuse)
  1. Download and run BiblePix Installer
    • If the installer is not executed upon mouse click, try one of the following:
    • In a terminal enter: cd [PLACE OF DOWNLOADED FILE] ; wish BiblePix-Installer.tcl
    • In a file manager: right-click on file, and for the "Open with..." option select "wish".


  • Clone from:
    • Recommended place of installation (~):
      • for Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\
      • for Unix/Linux: /home/USERNAME/
  • Run Setup: wish ~/Biblepix/biblepix-setup.tcl

2014-07-29 • linuxpeter