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Una Parola per Oggi - Calendar Apps for Italian - NEW APP

The History

Since 2019, the authors of our apps for The Word have also been providing specialized devotional calendar apps called Una Parola per Oggi for the Italian ministry Edizioni CEM:

  • a Bible verse for each day
  • a short devotion
  • a link to and audio version
  • sharing the text

New in 2024

The Una Parola per Oggi printed calendar and new apps have been published by Edizioni GBU.

Edizioni GBU wants to replace the previous "old apps" by their new ones.

The new apps are not related with the authors of our apps for The Word.

Please direct all questions about Una Parola per Oggi to the new publisher Edizioni GBU:

We regret any inconvenience for the readers of the "old" apps.

At the team of Bible 2.0, we are grateful that we could be part of this ministry for 2019 through 2024.

We put it all back to the Lord, HE knows all things, HE knows us, and from His grace we all are living. To HIM be the glory.


For comfort of previous app users, the existing "old" apps will still display the new calendar text from Edizioni GBU in 2024, but without the audio functionality, and with a clear hint to switch to the new apps. Edizioni GBU urges you to use their new apps.

Within few weeks, the calendar text will no more be available for the old apps - if you've already installed an old app but not yet opened it to retrieve the 2024 text, you won't get it any more.

Update 2024-02-16: the calendar text is no more available.

For New Users

Please head over to the Edizioni GBU app.

For the Records

The old Android app:

The old iOS app:

Our initial announcement from 2019 (note: links now broken!):

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