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The Word for Thursday, April 17, 2014

Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted.

Isaiah 53:4 (ESV)

Jesus went out, bearing his own cross, to the place called The Place of a Skull, which in Aramaic is called Golgotha.

John 19:17 (ESV)



News from Bible 2.0 now available as news feed

Helmut Steeb | 2014-03-08

You can read news from Bible 2.0 in your favorite feed reader (for “atom” syndication format).

The Word Widget for WordPress: Version 0.3 with Daily Online Retrieval

Helmut Steeb | 2014-02-22

Version 0.3 lets you select the Bible edition in the WordPress dashboard, gets the sayings for the selected Bible edition once a day remotely from and shows the sayings of the day in a WordPress widget area.

Easy to Read and Plain Writing

Helmut Steeb | 2014-02-15

“Easy to Read” and “Plain Writing” are movements to write texts in a way that the texts are easy to read. One of the rules is about sentences and lines. The Word of Project Bible 2.0 obeys a similar rule from its beginning.

The Word Widget for WordPress: Version 0.2 with Online Retrieval

admin | 2014-02-10

Version 0.2 lets you select the Bible edition in the WordPress dashboard, gets the sayings for the selected Bible edition once for a whole year remotely from, stores it in the uploads/ folder and shows the sayings of the day in a WordPress widget area.

Join Us: How You Could Help

Helmut Steeb | 2014-02-03

A collection of tasks and ideas at hand…

The Word Widget for WordPress

Helmut Steeb | 2014-01-25

On your WordPress site, show “The Word” in a widget: two selected Bible sayings for each day, available in over 10 languages, from an XML file you download from (read more)

The Word for iOS: now all bible translations are available for download

Daniel Friedrich | 2014-01-15

The new version of iLosungen (Version 2.0.2) now has the ability to download all different bible translations that are available for “the word”. Once the translation is downloaded the application doesn’t need a connection to the internet anymore.

Language Selection Corrected

Helmut Steeb | 2014-01-11

When you read different pages in our website, or revisit the pages later, the pages are shown again in the language you selected in the “Language selection” page. This already worked – sometimes…

The Word Android App

Joachim Reiss | 2014-01-08

The Word is no available as an Android app. You can find it here: The application doesn’t need a connection to the internet once it is downloaded. For new content respective updates will be provided. Languages that can be displayed:     [af] Bybel in Afrikaans (1983-vertaling)     [de] Hoffnung für Alle     [de] Schlachter… (more…)

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About us

The Bible 2.0 Project Team (roughly twenty Christians from all over the world) publish The Word — a selection of two complementary Bible verses for each day of the year. You can take part in collecting some complementary Bible verses in the BibleStudio.

Bible Editions Available (.twd Files)

For the current year and the year to come The Word is available for the following Bible editions:

BiblePix – The Word on a background picture for Desktop/Login screen, in your e-mail signatures or terminals


(LINUX) BiblePix displays The Word: * in many languages * on a background image for Login and/or Desktop * in e-mail signatures * in the terminal/console * randomly alternating pictures and languages * slide show for GNOME, KDE and XFCE4 Program description: Manual Page System requirements: A relatively modern Linux system with the Tcl library… (more…)

Booklet to Print (One Month, Two Bibles)

Booklet screenshot

Bilingual A6 sized booklet for one month (for printing out). Follow these steps: print the document on four A4 sheets (front side 1-4 first, followed by back side 1-4), then fold from left to right, cut on half height and combine.

eBook for The Word

EPub screenshot

The Word as an eBook (in EPUB format). Each book contains The Word for one year and one Bible edition.

From the Team

Some team members introduce themselves…


Some links to interesting websites about Christian software.

The Word as starting page

Display The Word as a full scale image , and then set that page as starting page in your Internet browser (e.g. in Firefox Menu Edit | Settings | General | Starting page | „Use current page“).

The Word for iOS (iPhone)

Main ip5 Bible2

With the app iLosungen you can now read The Word on the iPhone.

The Word on your Web Site

Incorporate the following HTML code into your site: <iframe width=’200′ height=’300′ src=’’> Your browser does not support iframe. </iframe>