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About us

The Bible 2.0 Project Team (roughly twenty Christians from all over the world) publish The Word — a selection of two complementary Bible verses for each day of the year. You can take part in collecting some complementary Bible verses in the BibleStudio.

Bible 2.0 Project

The Bible 2.0 Project consists in collecting pairs of related Bible references, following the Protestant Reformation principle “Sacra scriptura sui ipsius interpres” – Holy Scripture interprets itself.

The Word

As a selection from this set of related Bible references, we publish The Word: two related Bible references for each day of one year. The two references for a day may be from the Old or from the New Testament or from both.


Some of our members worked with the “Freeware Watchwords Programs”, which provided the Moravian Watchwords in about 20 languages for the Internet and for various computer systems. With the end of in 2007, the new project Bible 2.0 started.

Today, The Word is available in several languages for online access via Internet and some computer systems. We are working to extend the service! We also have some ideas about the collection and publication of related Bible references.

Join us!

We welcome you to join us – you may help us to prepare additional Bible editions or select bible references. The work with the Bible, the Word of God, will enrich you as it enriched us!

Helmut Steeb | 2013-12-17 (update 2014-06-29)